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Summer Residential Camp

Wonderful summer camping experiences for boys
and girls from Ontario and around the world.

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Tawingo Day Camp
Full day programs, including lunch, with both waterfront & land-based activities and experienced caring staff.
The Tawingo Outdoor Centre
Safe Outdoor Education and all-season recreation facilities combined with trained, professional leadership.
Tawingo College
An independent school with a tradition of academic excellence and an outdoor focus.

Welcome. For 54 years we have offered wonderful summer camping experiences for boys and girls from Ontario and around the world. In a safe and beautiful outdoor setting, with competent, enthusiastic leaders, children have the opportunity to grow as individuals through wholesome activity in all areas of outdoor living.

Take a tour around the site and see why we believe that everyone can grow in the richness and beauty of the Tawingo community. Camp's strength is in the friends who frequent it.

“Ssh…Mike’s up…”
This is often what one hears from among the campers when, at the end of breakfast, I stand up to begin the morning announcements.
And then, perhaps, this: “Happy dates day, everyone!”  “Happy dates day, Mike!  Hey!”
“Our first announcement this morning comes from our Office Staff.  Here’s our Registrar, Shelley.”
“Are you ready campers?  The dates for summer 2015 have been set, and we are ready to share them with all of you so that you can begin, now, to plan your summer with us!  How exciting is that?  [Loud and long cheering from the entire Dining Hall!] Here they are”:

1ST SESSION    Tues., June 30 – Fri., July 17              (18 days)
SESSION 1A       Tues., June 30 – Sat., July 11              (12 days)
SESSION 1B       Sun., July 12 – Fri., July 17                  (6 days)

2ND SESSION    Sun., July 19 – Fri., August 7             (20 days)
SESSION 2A       Sun., July 19 – Sat., August 1              (14 days)
SESSION 2B       Sun., August 2 – Fri., August 7             (6 days)

3RD SESSION    Sun., August 9 – Mon., August 24     (16 days)
SESSION 3A       Sun., August 9 – Sat., August 15         (7 days)
SESSION 3B       Sun., August 16 – Mon., August 24     (9 days)

Tawingo Loyalty Program registration opens at the beginning of November; General registration opens three weeks later!

From July 1st to August 25th; from 1st Session to 3rd; from A to B – Arrival Day to Banquet Day each Session; from Thought for the Day to the end of Evening Program each day; from Turtle fires to Eagle canoeing; from the bottom of Yellow Pool to the top of Eagle Mountain; from Rock Island to the Kipawa; from Onondaga to Dowanewa and Mohawk to Algonkin: Tawingo’s 54th summer was full of great moments and great memories, good fun and good friendships, hearty laughter and heartfelt love…  To all those who supported us in some way this summer, making Camp their home away from home – no matter the number of nights – we are immeasurably grateful.  Thank you, one and all…


Sending children to a residential, or day camp, builds resilience.
Published on February 5, 2012 by Michael Ungar, Ph.D. in Nurturing Resilience.
I recently spoke to 300 camp directors about how to make children more resilient to life stress.
Summer camps, we discovered, are perfect places to help children optimize their psychosocial development...

Alumni and new campers are invited to view a series of videos that capture the heart and soul of camp tawingo. Click here to see all videos.


Tawingo Talkback!


James' first words after 2 weeks was; "Mum can I go for 3 weeks next summer?"


- Parent