Summer Overnight & Day Camp - Outdoor Centre - School
located in Huntsville, Ontario - 705.789.5612


Camp Sessions - Dates & Rates

Overnight Camp 2022

Session Dates Camp Fee

Total Camp Fee (with HST)

Regular 1st

Tuesday, July 5th - Friday, July 22nd

(18 Days)

$2535.00 $2864.55
Introductory 1A

Tuesday, July 5th - Saturday, July 16th

(12 Days)

$1754.00  $1982.02 
Introductory 1B

Sunday, July 17th - Friday, July 22nd

(6 Days)

$1029.00  $1162.77 
Regular 2nd

Sunday, July 24 - Friday, August 12th

(20 Days)

$2754.00  $3112.02 
Introductory 2A

Sunday, July 24th - Saturday, August 6th

(14 Days)

$2154.00  $2434.02 
Introductory 2B

Sunday, August 7th - Friday, August 12th

(6 Days)

$1029.00  $1162.77 
Regular 3rd

Sunday, August 14th - Monday, August 29th

(16 Days)

$2294.00  $2592.22 
Introductory 3A

Sunday, August 14th - Saturday, August 20th

(7 Days)

$1074.00  $1213.62 
Introductory 3B

Sunday, August 21st - Monday, August 29th

(9 Days)

$1289.00  $1456.57 


  • First-time (New) Overnight Campers: You may choose ANY Regular or Introductory session, pending availabilty.
  • Campers who have attended an A or B Session and are in their 2nd Summer: Please choose a longer Introductory session, or any Regular session, pending availability.
  • Campers in their 3rd Summer or who have attended 1st, 2nd or 3rd Session: You must choose 1st, 2nd or 3rd Session pending availability.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sessions are for campers 7 -16 years of age and fill on a first come, first served basis.
  • Our A and B Introductory Sessions are for campers 7 - 12* years of age and fill on a first come, first served basis BY AGE. (We accept a limited number (typically 2 - 3) for each age group, i.e., a limited number of 7 year olds, etc.) *Please note that for 2022 ONLY we will accept A and B Introductory Session applications for campers who are up to 14 years of age.
  • For more information please click here


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CAMP OFFICE.


Tawingo Talkback!

" Survey says "two thumbs up" for the first camp experience! Our boys both had an incredibly fun time during the 3A session and are both excited to return for a full session next year! Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic life experience for them. As a parent I am very grateful for your fine choices in staffing your camp. "