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Campers at Tawingo have many opportunities to learn wonderful skills specific to swimming, canoeing, nature, campcraft and leadership.

Our Camp Skills Program
The Turtle, Fox, & Eagle Crests - Symbols of Achievement in Outdoor Living Skills & Life Skills
Camp TawingoIt is our firm belief and commitment that fun and learning take place, together, every day at Camp. This blend of recreation and education is evident in our skills instruction delivered primarily during our Interest Groups portion of a Typical Camp Day. For Interest Groups, campers plan with their counsellors and then choose the specific skill they wish to learn, each day, in the areas of swimming, canoeing, nature, campcraft, and leadership. These skills are designed to instill positive attitudes toward living comfortably with one another and in the outdoors and are offered at three specific levels: Turtle, Fox, and Eagle.

Legend tells the story of a young camper who comes to a brand new place in the outdoors. At first nervous, the camper begins to explore the area slowly and carefully, with the steady pace of the Turtle. Soon the camper is able to do many new things with many new friends and, like the Fox, begins bounding about – eagerly and quickly – to acquire a wider range of skills. Finally, like the Eagle, the camper discovers that with proficiency in higher level skills comes the wisdom and leadership to help teach others and to prepare for new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

  • The Turtle Crest is an introductory skill level. It is primarily experiential and is designed to engage campers in a wide range of outdoor and leadership skills through fun and activity. In most cases active participation at this level is all that is required to complete each skill.
  • The Fox Crest blends the activity of the Turtle Crest with some background knowledge in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of outdoor and leadership skills. Campers might learn some weather theory or examine the specific mechanics of a paddle stroke in order to improve their skills. The Fox Crest is also a stepping stone to some other special programs at Camp.
  • The Eagle Crest challenges the camper with some independent learning, integrated activities from different skills areas, higher order knowledge and skill development, and leadership opportunities which involve greater initiative and responsibility.

Our Leadership Program

Camp TawingoAs part of our regular Camp Skills Program (Turtle, Fox, Eagle), campers take a leadership role in Cabin or Circle campfires and programs by helping with set-up and clean-up, teaching games or activities, leading singing, or creating their own new programs.

In addition to this, Camp Tawingo offers two special leadership programs for campers:
  • The Voyageur Adventure and Wilderness Journey are optional 15-day canoe trips to North-Western Quebec for male and female campers, respectively, who have attained a Fox or Eagle Crest and who are 14-16 years of age. Campers with these pre- requisites are invited to apply for these “trip-of-a-lifetime” wilderness experiences that are the culmination of the outdoor skills and attitudes learned during summers at Camp Tawingo. The memories and friendships formed on these trips endure forever...
  • The Tawingo Leadership Course (TLC) is a full summer leadership program designed for male and female campers who are 16 years of age, at least, and who have obtained a Fox or Eagle Crest. It’s purpose is to train campers for the very important role of counselling Tawingo’s campers.Participants hone their outdoor living skills, learn to teach these same skills to campers, help with the leadership and program of campers, experience their own canoe trip, and attend leadership workshops that provide lifelong leadership skills. Invitations to apply to the TLC are extended to campers who meet the above criteria.

Tawingo Talkback!

" I just wanted to tell you, that despite the pouring rain on Saturday, we
were very pleased we made the 7 hour round trip to visit our grandson at

We walked away very impressed and envious that we didn't get the opportunity
to experience Summer Camp ourselves.   The last time we visited Tawingo was
28 years ago when our daughter attended Tawingo.  She never forgot the two
summers she spend there and was determined that her son would experience
many years of the Tawingo tradition.   At ten years old, this is now his
third year and we expect him to continue to enjoy summer camp for many years
to come.   

From the time we arrived your friendly Counsellors helped with parking; the
check-in process was pleasant and efficient and we were very pleased to
meeting Aidan's Counsellor, Robertson, in Cabin No. 6.  Everything was
ship-shape and Aidan was brimming with confidence and talked non-stop took
about his experiences as he insisted on taking us on a tour of the camp in
the rain.  From the waterfront, to the dining hall, along to "Swamp" cabin,
to where the tribal counsel takes place, he waved at Counsellors along the
way and seems to have absorb and embrace the values, the traditions, and the
rituals of camp life.   A refreshing break from computers/ digital media, et

We have heard that "Tawingo wrote the book about how to run a Summer Camp"
- We believe it.  Keep doing what you are doing.  
A very sincerely thank you. "