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located in Huntsville, Ontario - 705.789.5612


A Tour of Camp Tawingo

At Camp Tawingo you will find a 220 Acre Site with seclusion and privacy, a junior mountain, and evergreen and hardwood forests with white and yellow birches which surround the cabins and border the shores. The area invites activities which help children to develop an ecological approach to the out-of-doors. The environment of a swamp in addition to that of open meadows presents many living things to see, explore, and conserve. From a tiny frog in hand to the sight of a majestic Blue Heron, an attitude is engendered toward nature awareness.

Camp Tawingo


Our Camper Cabins
At Camp Tawingo, campers will stay in a cabin with 6 or 7 other campers the same age. There is a trained counsellor who is there to supervise the cabin and ensure campers have the best time possible. In each cabin, there is a bathroom with a toilet and shower with hot and cold running water. The cabins are bright and clean. Campers' comfort, safety, and happiness are our main concerns while they are at Camp!



Our Waterfront
Our waterfront offers excellent swimming and boating opportunities on Lake Vernon. Lake Vernon is at the head of a "chain" of Muskoka Lakes offering clean, clear, soft water with an average summer water temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. There are well-supervised, safe, sandy beaches and swimming that sets a new standard in enjoyment and safety. There is a fine fleet of row boats, canoes, kayaks, and sailboats for campers and staff to use.





Our sports & Playing Fields
Out on the Sportsfield is where all the sports action takes place. There is a very broad range of activities in which campers can participate. Some of the different sports that we offer are: mini-putt, archery, tennis, badminton, ball hockey, baseball, basketball, football, frisbee golf and ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, orienteering, soccer, table tennis, tetherball, and volleyball. On top of teaching the different sports, there are many opportunities for campers to sign up and participate in different tournaments.






Our Dining Hall
The Pop Pearse Lodge includes a Dining Area for boys and girls, a modern up-to-date Kitchen, four Recreation Rooms, two fireplaces and Library. We utilize the very latest ideas in food service, sanitation, and efficiency accompanied by a bright, fresh, modern design.






SWAMP Lodge - Home of Our Nature Program
Under the titles of Stars, Weather, Animals, Minerals, Plants, and Ecology, campers learn about astronomy and constellations, plants and trees, animals, rocks and minerals, weather instruments and prediction, ecology, gardening, and enjoy many special nature activities and programs such as “Survival”, Night Hikes, Herbal Tea, “Magic Mud”, Volcanoes, the “D’juno”, among many others.






Jorgi Junction – Home of our Crafts Program Under guidance and supervision from staff, campers can make all kinds of crafts from natural and synthetic materials: soap stone carvings, mini paddles, origami, tie dye clothing, glass mosaics, calligraphy, dream catchers, friendship bracelets, jewellery trees, and much, much more... there is no limit to craft creativity at Camp!





Loon Lodge – Home of our Woodcraft Program
Under guidance and supervision from staff, campers learn to safely use hammers, nails, saws, clamps, wood burning pencils, and glue to build all manner of wood projects – some using pre-cut wood and instructions, some using scraps of wood and their own imagination!


We also have...
Campfire Areas, Outtrip Building, Library, Health Centre, and an All-Purpose Building.


Tawingo Talkback!

" I just wanted to tell you, that despite the pouring rain on Saturday, we
were very pleased we made the 7 hour round trip to visit our grandson at

We walked away very impressed and envious that we didn't get the opportunity
to experience Summer Camp ourselves.   The last time we visited Tawingo was
28 years ago when our daughter attended Tawingo.  She never forgot the two
summers she spend there and was determined that her son would experience
many years of the Tawingo tradition.   At ten years old, this is now his
third year and we expect him to continue to enjoy summer camp for many years
to come.   

From the time we arrived your friendly Counsellors helped with parking; the
check-in process was pleasant and efficient and we were very pleased to
meeting Aidan's Counsellor, Robertson, in Cabin No. 6.  Everything was
ship-shape and Aidan was brimming with confidence and talked non-stop took
about his experiences as he insisted on taking us on a tour of the camp in
the rain.  From the waterfront, to the dining hall, along to "Swamp" cabin,
to where the tribal counsel takes place, he waved at Counsellors along the
way and seems to have absorb and embrace the values, the traditions, and the
rituals of camp life.   A refreshing break from computers/ digital media, et

We have heard that "Tawingo wrote the book about how to run a Summer Camp"
- We believe it.  Keep doing what you are doing.  
A very sincerely thank you. "