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Summer Camp Medical Information

Camp TawingoCamp Tawingo is committed to providing, as best we can, a healthy and happy summer environment for children. In an effort to ensure that our Health Centre Staff provide the best care possible, we have included information below relating to medications that you may choose to send to Camp with your child. It is extremely important that you follow the guidelines listed below in order to ensure your camper’s and other campers’ health and safety.

It is the policy of Camp Tawingo that all camper medications (prescription or otherwise) are kept in the Health Centre. No camper may keep any medication (including alternative supplements) in the camper cabin. An exception may be made for inhalers and epipens, with your written permission.

All prescription medications must be sent to Camp in the original container, with dispensing directions written in English. We request that you send only doctor-prescribed medications to camp for your camper. Please DO NOT send OVER-THE- COUNTER medications such as Tylenol, Gravol, Advil, Benadryl, etc. Our Health Centre is well stocked with these medications. All OVER-THE-COUNTER medications sent to Camp will be considered a donation to our Health Centre stock. Thank you.

In recent years, campers have arrived at Camp with a variety of non-prescription supplements such as: Homeopathic Supplements; Vitamin and Mineral Supplements; Herbal Supplements. Our policy for these products is as follows:

  • These supplements must be stored at the Health Centre;
  • The Camp Tawingo Health Centre Registered Nurses are not responsible for the administration of these supplements; and
  • Campers must visit the Health Centre and administer these medications themselves, while in the presence of a CampTawingo Health Centre Registered Nurse.

If your camper wears eyeglasses, it would be wise to send an extra pair to be kept in the Health Centre in case they are needed in a hurry.

All campers undergo a scalp examination on the first day of Camp. Should we discover lice, professionals (including our Health Care Staff) will be brought in  in to delouse the camper and the expense will be charged to that camper’s Camper Bank Account: $100.00 for each treatment. Please help us by checking your camper for lice before his/her arrival at Camp, and fully treating it, if lice is discovered, as treatment at Camp is VERY costly, as is the potential for spreading it! 


Tawingo Talkback!

" I continue to be amazed by this camp and their ability to make the best of a situation at all times. My daughter is currently there and the weather has been dreary; however, I have absolutely no doubt that she'll come home at the end of camp telling us that she had the "best time ever" and  "can't wait to go back next year". It's just the spirit of Tawingo and we love this camp for it! "