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Geeting in Touch with Your Camper at Camp

Camp TawingoThere are a number of ways to communicate with your camper(s) while they are at camp. Campers really enjoy receiving letters. You can also email your camper. Campers can write letters home.

Letters To and From Campers

We will offer a complimentary postcard to all first time campers (with the exception of 1B, 2B, 3A & 3B campers due to the shortness of these sessions), the postage of which we will cover - just to be sure parents/guardians of these campers receive at least one letter from Camp.

  • Campers are encouraged to write home regularly.
  • They also appreciate receiving letters/emails from home.
  • Campers who live outside Canada may write a 1-page letter once a week, which our Office Staff will scan and e-mail to the address provided on the Application form. The first e-mail will not be sent until at least the 5th day of Camp, after campers have had a chance to settle in. Parents of International Campers will receive an email from the office at Camp Tawingo on the first day of the session to let them know their camper has arrived safely at camp.

For guidelines for the best way to communicate with your camper while they are at camp, please see our MAKING A SMOOTH TRANSITION INTO CAMP section.


Emailing Campers

We are pleased, once again, to be offering to you an easy and effective way to send e-mail messages to your camper(s), this summer.

If you have a camper here, with us, you will receive an email with a link to email your camper.  You will need to include your camper's name and circle to send the message.  You are welcome to share this link with family and friends who may also wish to email your camper.

Can I Expect a Reply? This is a one-way service, only. Campers do not have access to computers. Any reply from your camper will come by way of regular mail.


Camper & Parent Phone Calls

Due to the number of campers at Camp Tawingo, our attempt to make Camp an oasis, and to foster campers’ independence, campers are not permitted to use the Camp phone.

The vast majority of our campers settle comfortably into Camp life. Indeed, our Tawingo staff are trained to recognize all signs of missing home, and to respond so that each camper acclimatizes quickly and successfully to the cabin group and Camp setting. In the very few instances when we have concerns about a camper’s adjustment, we will initiate the call to discuss these concerns. For this reason, we would appreciate it if you would not call and ask us to check on your camper’s well-being, unless you have information through a letter home that suggests there is a concern of which we may not be aware. In all other cases, if there is a concern, we shall call you. Thank you for your support of this request.


Food Parcels & Birthdays
Camp TawingoPlease do not send or bring parcels of food to your camper. We know you will appreciate the fact that we have campers with life- threatening allergies who must not be exposed to certain food substances. Also, food in and around the cabin will attract unwelcome ‘critters’. Finally, we would like to avoid the garbage that tends to be generated by food sent in such parcels. We need your help to administer this important policy in a fair and consistent manner, and we are sure you will want to play your part.

Please note that food that does get sent to a camper is confiscated and thrown out. We simply cannot risk cross contamination due to allergies.

We provide every camper with a daily snack, in addition to 3 meals.

For campers celebrating a birthday at Camp, we serve birthday cake for their cabin group at one of the meals. As well, birthday campers may make a collect call home on their birthday.


Vacation Address
During Camp, if you change your address temporarily, please inform us of your temporary address and telephone number so we may keep the information on file at the Camp office. Thank you.


Tawingo Talkback!

" Camp is where most of my best memories are made. Thanks for a great summer Tawingo. I will most certainly be coming back next year!!! "