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Outtrips & Canoe Trips

Camp TawingoAll campers in 1st , 2nd , and 3rd sessions experience an overnight canoe or hiking trip. Canoe trips for older campers may be two or three nights in length. On some canoe trips for older campers, Camp vehicles and/or chartered buses are used to transport the campers to and from their canoe routes.

While all full session campers can expect an outtrip of some length (1-3 nights), part session campers (Session A or Session B) may miss the cabin outtrip in their age category. Because the outtrips in any given session are scheduled to take place in either one portion of the session or the other (either A or B), the A or B campers may not necessarily find an outtrip in their scheduled time at Camp. 

Camp TawingoExtended Canoe Trips
When next year’s literature is sent to you, we may invite your camper to apply for our extended wilderness canoe trips - the Voyageur Adventure (VA) for boys and the Wilderness Journey (WJ) for girls. Both trips are 15 days long and take place in the pristine wilderness of the Kipawa Forest Reserve in Quebec.

To be eligible for our extended canoe trips, campers must be 14 years of age at the beginning of Camp and have a Camp Tawingo Fox Crest. A camper who has attained these minimum prerequisites will receive a separate application form for the Voyageur Adventure or Wilderness Journey in early October.

Campers who have been accepted for this summer will be receiving more details about these trips in May and June.


Tawingo Talkback!

" James' first words after 2 weeks was; "Mum can I go for 3 weeks next summer?" "

- Parent