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Important Camp Policy

Camp TawingoSwimming Ability and Personal Fitness
For reasons of safety, we assess each camper’s swimming ability on the first day of each Camp session. From these evaluations, we determine to what extent campers may participate in programs in the water and in boats. During the remainder of the Camp session, campers have plenty of opportunity to improve their swimming qualifications. Your camper may want to practise swimming before arriving at Camp in order to be well prepared for the first-day swim.

In addition to preparing for the swimming assessment on the first day, it is a good idea to have your camper work on personal fitness for the active life of Camp. Vigorous outdoor activity for three parts of every day may be a departure from a camper’s normal routine at home. Therefore, it is advisable to "get into shape" for Camp rather than at Camp.

All sports equipment for use at our Sportsfield is supplied by Camp, including tennis racquets. Of course your camper may bring his/her own racquet to Camp. YOUR CAMPER’S FULL NAME SHOULD BE CLEARLY MARKED ON THE RACQUET.

We do not sell disposable cameras, film, camera batteries or memory cards. When you are packing for Camp, please include an adequate supply of these items, should your camper wish to take photographs with a nondisposable, inexpensive camera. Remember expensive cameras and equipment are best left at home. Since many cameras look alike (especially digital and disposable ones), it is important that you label your camper’s camera with his/her FULL NAME. We are sorry that we cannot allow any digital cameras that double as cell phones/tablets/I-Pods at Camp.

Campers are required to unpack all items from all of their luggage (including backpacks, fanny packs, and toiletry kits) onto their shelf space under the supervision of their counsellors. Please review this important policy with your camper prior to arrival at Camp.

Leaving Camp with Other Families
Campers who do not receive visitors on Visitors’ Day and who still wish to have an outing on that day may choose, should they be invited, to leave Camp in the vehicle of other parents or guardians of other Tawingo campers, with your permission. Please complete the "Visitor's Day Camper Travel Permission Form" (due May 31) to allow for these arrangements.

Camper and Parent Phone Calls
Due to the number of campers at Camp Tawingo, our attempt to make Camp an oasis, and to foster campers’ independence, campers are not permitted to use the Camp phone.

Food Parcels & Birthdays
Please do not send or bring parcels of food to your camper. We know you will appreciate the fact that we have campers with life-threatening allergies who must not be exposed to certain food substances. Also, food in and around the cabin will attract unwelcome 'critters'. Finally, we would like to avoid the garbage that tends to be generated by food sent in such parcels. We need your help to administer this important policy in a fair and consistent manner, and we are sure you will want to play your part.

* Please note that food that does get sent to a camper is confiscated and thrown out. We simply cannot risk cross contamination due to allergies.
* We provide every camper with a daily snack, in addition to 3 meals.
* For campers celebrating a birthday at Camp, we serve birthday cake for their cabin group at one of the meals. As well, birthday campers may make a collect call home on their birthday.

Things to Leave at Home
At Camp Tawingo, we believe that Camp ought to be an oasis from "city" life... an opportunity to live, learn, and interact in a natural setting, free from electronic devices and toys. For this and safety reasons, campers are requested to leave the following items at home:

  • cell phones
  • portable DVD players
  • iPods/MP3 players
  • gameboys/PSPs
  • CDs
  • laptops/tablets

Note: All of the above items, if brought to Camp, will be collected and stored for the duration of the camper's stay. They will be returned to the camper on the last morning of Camp.) We also suggest that campers leave expensive watches, jewellery and watches at home. Hatchets, hunting knives, or any such sharp and potentially dangerous items must not be brought to Camp.

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Non-Prescription Drugs
It is a Camp Tawingo policy that campers, TLCs, and staff do not bring to Camp nor use tobacco, alcohol, or non-prescription drugs at any time or in any place during their stay. Violation of this policy by anyone results in immediate dismissal from Camp. Please be clear in communicating this policy with your camper prior to the start of Camp.


Tawingo Talkback!

" My 2 children just returned from 3A, their first time at Camp Tawingo. Both loved it and want to return next summer! Great counsellors, great (nut free!!) food, beautiful location, tons of activities that they choose from daily, very organized....Thank you Camp Tawingo!! "