Summer Overnight & Day Camp - Outdoor Centre - School
located in Huntsville, Ontario - 705.789.5612


Daily Lunch & Snacks

Camp TawingoTawingo Day Camp provides a complete and healthy meal at lunchtime and 2 snacks. Parents do not have to spend any time preparing bagged lunches and snacks. Food is prepared on site and is served in a nut-free environment. We can accommodate vegetarian diets and allergies as long as we are notified in advance. 

At Camp Tawingo we try to find a balance between kid-friendly food (wraps, pasta, sandwiches) and healthy choices. Fresh cut vegetables are served regularly. Morning snacks are always nutritious - fruit, homemade muffins, granola bars, etc... We prepare and bake all of our breads and desserts on site each day.

Campers take turns bringing trays of food to their table, scraping plates, and clearing the table. During the meal campers pass the food around the table. The resulting congenial environment encourages campers to be thoughtful of the needs of the others sitting at the table with them. Campers can always help themselves to as many helpings as they would like. Our staff encourage campers to serve themselves a 'no thank you portion' in the hopes that campers may choose to try just a little bit of something they think they may not like.

We do request that campers do not bring any food to camp so that we can ensure the safety of any campers or staff who have life-threatening allergies. Thank you for your support with this important policy.


Tawingo Talkback!

" I just wanted to tell you, that despite the pouring rain on Saturday, we
were very pleased we made the 7 hour round trip to visit our grandson at

We walked away very impressed and envious that we didn't get the opportunity
to experience Summer Camp ourselves.   The last time we visited Tawingo was
28 years ago when our daughter attended Tawingo.  She never forgot the two
summers she spend there and was determined that her son would experience
many years of the Tawingo tradition.   At ten years old, this is now his
third year and we expect him to continue to enjoy summer camp for many years
to come.   

From the time we arrived your friendly Counsellors helped with parking; the
check-in process was pleasant and efficient and we were very pleased to
meeting Aidan's Counsellor, Robertson, in Cabin No. 6.  Everything was
ship-shape and Aidan was brimming with confidence and talked non-stop took
about his experiences as he insisted on taking us on a tour of the camp in
the rain.  From the waterfront, to the dining hall, along to "Swamp" cabin,
to where the tribal counsel takes place, he waved at Counsellors along the
way and seems to have absorb and embrace the values, the traditions, and the
rituals of camp life.   A refreshing break from computers/ digital media, et

We have heard that "Tawingo wrote the book about how to run a Summer Camp"
- We believe it.  Keep doing what you are doing.  
A very sincerely thank you. "