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Tawingo Leadership Course

Camp TawingoThe Tawingo Leadership Course (TLC) is offered to a select number of senior campers when they reach 16 years of age. In order to be invited to participate, campers must have completed their Fox Crest and demonstrated sufficient support for Camp philosophy and potential for positive leadership development in the TLC. In addition, TLCs who attend Camp for the course are expected to be available the following summer, if Camp wishes to have them join the Camp staff. 

During the course, TLCs can expect, over the duration of the summer, to move from the mindset and status of a camper to an appreciation of what it takes to be a leader. There are regular training sessions and workshops with senior staff and the TLC Directors. There are opportunities to assist leaders in direct supervision of campers, support outtrip programs, teach skills and experience the demands of leadership firsthand. Throughout the camp sessions (July and August), TLCs receive regular evaluations and feedback sessions from all staff, as well as, counselling sessions from the TLC Directors.

Sometimes, not all participants in the Tawingo Leadership Course are invited back to join the Camp Tawingo staff for the following summer. The skills that are learned during the TLC, however, are readily transferred into a variety of settings. For more information on the TLC, please contact Mike Pearse at Camp Tawingo.

Camp TawingoWhat are the criteria for the TLC?
The Tawingo Leadership Course is a summer long leadership training course for people who have met the following criteria:

  • 16 years of age by the start of Camp.
  • Completed the Camp Tawingo Fox Crest.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership potential to Camp Tawingo staff in previous summers at Camp Tawingo.

Tawingo Talkback!

" Both Keegan and Carmen had a blast at camp this year.  They're both singing all the camp songs and laughing about their adventures.

We picked up the kids at 11:15.  Went out for lunch and got back  to the cottage by 1:30.  By 3pm Keegan said those magical words..."mom, I'm bored". "