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Interested in Becoming a Member of Camp Tawingo Staff?

Camp TawingoWhere do we find our staff?

Camp Tawingo works very hard to gather the best possible staff. We hire our staff from:

  • Returning Staff who have demonstrated strong leadership, competence, and a solid appreciation of the Camp Tawingo philosophies,
  • Successful graduates from the previous summer's Tawingo Leadership Course (TLC),
  • Veteran Staff and Alumni who return to Camp,
  • New applicants referred or recommended by Veteran Staff and Alumni,
  • New applicants to whom Camp Tawingo is recommended,
  • New applicants who 'discover' Camp Tawingo.

Camp TawingoShould I contact the camp office to inquire about my staff application?
The Main Office of Camp Tawingo receives numerous inquiries concerning the possibility of joining our staff. It is very difficult to provide every candidate with an opportunity to arrange an interview, see our facility, or meet our full-time staff. Because of the high number of applicants, Camp Tawingo has a policy of contacting only those new candidates with whom it wishes to arrange an interview.

What is a Counsellor?
The following is a description of the position of "Counsellor at Camp Tawingo". This description is subject to change.

The Counsellor is:

  • Responsible for the happiness, fun, support, encouragement, and well-being of his/her campers while they are at Camp,
  • Directly responsible to his/her Circle Director,
  • To supervise a cabin group of campers in the Resident or Day Camp program - organization, program, health and personal hygiene, happiness, discipline, safety, routine duties, character development, and skill development,
  • To be constantly concerned for the social adjustment of each camper,
  • To coach the cabin group in planning, promoting, and evaluating cabin projects of their own,
  • To encourage the cabin group to participate in personal, cabin group, circle, and all-Camp activities,
  • To supervise and assist the group in Camp housekeeping duties, and foster a respect for their surroundings,
  • To take a regular turn on evening patrol duty, lifeguard duty, Chapel Service, special programs, song leading, and Thought-for-the-Day,
  • To instruct at Interest Groups as requested by the Camp Directors, and encourage each camper to participate actively in Interest Groups,
  • To have the cabin group complete swimming evaluations on the first day of each Camp period,
  • To encourage the campers to write home regularly. Write a letter or card to each camper after the Camp period ends,
  • To complete the Camper Personal Record for each camper at the close of each Camp period,
  • To see that all unfinished Camp Skills Information is filed in the campers' personal files at the end of each Camp Session,
  • To be aware of personal habits, health, dress, speech, table etiquette, relationships with other staff, respect for Camp policies and to ensure that they properly reflect the best character and quality of Camp life,
  • To set a positive example by entering enthusiastically into every phase of Camp life,
  • To take responsibility for guiding TLCs by making a sincere effort to help them, constructively, in all facets of Camp life and by completing accurately an evaluation form as requested by the TLC Directors,
  • To be alert and co-operative when helping with the numerous small tasks of the summer - i.e. loading buses, setting up the dining hall for musicals, serving and clean-up of All Camp cookouts, supervision of buses on changeover days, Visitors' Days responsibilities, lifeguarding, etc.

Tawingo Talkback!

" Another great year at Tawingo! Those were David's words last year and he went for 3 weeks this year. He was not happy to leave yesterday. I think he would stay all summer.  Lauren is excited to go for 2 weeks next year also. "