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Our Programs & Activities

Camp Tawingo Outdoor CentreThe heart of our programming philosophy is based in our proven summer camp commitment to providing a child-centred experience that educates children for life. We balance the fun of outdoor and group play with curiosity and investigation in the world around us as well as opportunities for personal growth and development. For this reason, family groups can come to Camp for one type of experience, a high school club for another. The same school can come to Camp at different times of the year and emphasize different aspects of the school's curriculum goals toward specific learning outcomes. We do our best to be all things to all people!!!

So - our program starts with YOU!

Tell us what you envision and we are happy to offer up any number of our dozens of programs that have worked here in the past with various groups. Equally, we are prepared to design and create an activity or full program schedule customized to your unique program objectives. Our trained program staff thrive on both aspects of program development and delivery.

We are happy to enter in with our own leadership team at whatever level, you wish. Some groups arrive to develop leaders in their senior students and we can provide both training and on-the-job support. We often share day time leadership activities with visiting staff and we can carry most of the front-line evening progam leadership. If you wish to enlist our staff for all direct leadership while you are here at Camp, that, too, can be arranged.

13Time and again, classroom teachers have marveled at the profound effect that an outdoor experience can have on the group as a whole and on the specific individuals in the group. Students come away with a terrific experience of fun-filled memories but teachers recognize that an outdoor experience can have a profound effect on classroom dynamics, individual student development and curriculum enhancement. Students gain an appreciation of the environment, acquire lifelong skills and attitudes for recreation and develop socially in ways that only the magic of nature can produce.

We offer a managed and controlled setting where the group can unplug from the many distractions of their day-to-day life and experience real community. Once you arrive, issues of security, food service, leadership, and accommodation are all in our hands.

A Camp stay begins with a settle into cabins, tour and orientation activities. Most days involve a balance of both large and small group activities, shared meals and combined evening activities. Each part of the day contributes to shaping the experience. On our last day, we will organize a culminating activity that celebrates and wraps-up the visit.