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Tawingo Summer Camp

Camp TawingoCamp Tawingo is committed to providing our campers with the experience of a lifetime. Our work and play are guided, are driven by a camper-centeredness philosophy. Every decision, action, policy, and program at Tawingo has as its focus the camper – the camper’s comfort, growth, experience, and development.  To this we are also committed.

At Tawingo, we believe that the goal of Camp is to learn to appreciate and live in harmony with the out-of-doors, and one another…and that this learning happens best in a setting that is an oasis of safe and wholesome free play for children, an oasis free of cell phones, iPods, and other gadgets. Parents tell us that the Tawingo experience their children describe reminds them of the days when they used  to be able to play outside, with all the other neighbourhood children, until the street lights came on.

We are intentionally committed to:

  • Ensuring campers feel comfortable in the Camp setting, with their cabin-mates, the programs, and our staff.
  • Connecting with each camper and helping campers to connect with one another and the-out--of-doors.
  • Ensuring that our staff understand that every camper is the most important reason we are at Camp, and is deserving of our utmost respect, care, and attention – everywhere we are and at every moment of the day and night.
  • Making the Camp experience FUN, magical, meaningful…

Campers are encouraged to take responsibility, to make decisions, and to exercise initiative through positive interaction. Every opportunity is provided for self-expression and self-discovery.

Camp TawingoOur hope is that every Tawingo Camper leaves Camp with:

  • Lifelong and wonderful memories
  • A Sense of Accomplishment
  • More Confidence and Self-assurance
  • Greater Respect for others, themselves, and the natural world
  • Increased Tolerance
  • An Enhanced Ability to make and keep friends; and to work and play independently as well as in a group

These skills, especially the increased confidence, often result in children doing better in school and extra-curricular activities. Our campers have the ability to work and play independently as well as in a group.

Camp Tawingo Promises

  • To ensure the happiness of our campers by making the camping experience fun.
  • To give our campers a sense of responsibility by encouraging them to do things for themselves and others.
  • To teach cooperation while playing, working, and planning with others.
  • To provide inspiration with values from nature itself.
  • To give our campers the experience of adventure in the out-of-doors.
  • To create a healthy atmosphere with a balanced diet, wholesome outdoor activities, and restful sleep.
  • To build self-confidence through acquiring new skills, accomplishments and insights.
  • To teach good citizenship in an environment of democratic living.
  • To take personal interest in our campers, to give ample opportunity for self-expression in a well-balanced, varied program.
  • To instill awareness and appreciation for the natural environment.

Tawingo Talkback!

" James' first words after 2 weeks was; "Mum can I go for 3 weeks next summer?" "

- Parent