Summer Overnight & Day Camp - Outdoor Centre - School
located in Huntsville, Ontario - 705.789.5612


Our Facilities

Camp Tawingo Outdoor CentreThe outdoors is a living laboratory in which the trees, lakes, deer and frogs may be the objects of study but they are the teachers as well. Our 220 acres of pristine forest and natural waterfront provide the ideal classroom to interact with the outdoors in its natural state.

The Tawingo Outdoor Centre provides comfortable all-season accommodation for groups of all sizes, classrooms, and group meeting spaces. We also provide great food in a spectacular dining hall.

Our Waterfront
Our waterfront offers excellent swimming and boating opportunities on Lake Vernon. Lake Vernon is at the head of a "chain" of Muskoka Lakes offering clean, clear, soft water with an average summer water temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. There are well-supervised, safe, sandy beaches and swimming that sets a new standard in enjoyment and safety. There is a fine fleet of row boats, canoes, kayaks, and sailboats available for use.

Our Sports & Playing Fields
Our sports fields make possible a variety of sports including: mini-putt, archery, tennis, badminton, ball hockey, baseball, basketball, football, frisbee golf and ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, orienteering, soccer, table tennis, tetherball, and volleyball.

Under the titles of Stars, Weather, Animals, Minerals, Plants, and Ecology, groups learn about astronomy and constellations, plants and trees, animals, rocks and minerals, weather instruments and prediction, ecology, gardening, and enjoy many special nature activities and programs such as “Survival”, Night Hikes, Herbal Tea, “Magic Mud”, Volcanoes, the “D’juno”, among many others.

1Jorgi Junction – Home of our Crafts Program
Under guidance and supervision from staff, groups can make all kinds of crafts from natural and synthetic materials: soap stone carvings, mini paddles, origami, tie dye clothing, glass mosaics, calligraphy, dream catchers, friendship bracelets, jewellery trees, and much, much more... there is no limit to craft creativity at TOC!

Loon Lodge – Home of our Woodcraft Program
Under guidance and supervision from staff, groups learn to safely use hammers, nails, saws, clamps, wood burning pencils, and glue to build all manner of wood projects – some using pre-cut wood and instructions, some using scraps of wood and their own imagination!