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Day Camp Staff Information

Camp TawingoCamp Tawingo is About Staff - Not Stuff
This is true for all of our staff - in our Overnight Camp and Day Camp. In fact our Day Camp Staff receive exactly the same extensive training as our Overnight Camp Staff. Most of our staff is made up of caring individuals who have grown up at Camp Tawingo.

We invest our energy and resources in the development and training of our staff – rather than in the latest camp gear and gadgets. For us, it is about ensuring our staff are exceptional at connection with children and helping them to connect with one another and the Camp experience. Our staff return rate is exceptionally high. Over 95% of our staff have been campers at Tawingo themselves and wish to provide to our current campers the same sort of wonderfully positive experience that they themselves enjoyed over their many years as campers. They do not need to be taught our philosophy because they have grown up with it. Our staff believe in a camper-centered approach to leadership and are chosen for their desire to be with children and help them to grow in the Camp experience.

Camp TawingoWe intentionally avoid buying into the latest in camp gadgets. We have found that can promote a culture that revolves around line-ups, and concerns over when it will be 'my turn'.  We believe that it is infinitely better to have campers spend their time doing something fun, creative, and constructive with one another; and would much prefer to call upon the creativity and experience of our staff to create programs that truly are unique for our campers.

Our Daycamp Counsellors are responsible for the happiness, fun, support, encouragement, and well-being of their campers while they are at Camp.

Parents have the opportunity to speak with counsellors both in the morning, at drop-off, and in the evening, at pick-up time. The counsellors will keep the parents updated on everything that is going on with their child. Counsellors will share the successes of each camper and make sure that any concerns that may arise are communicated quickly.


Tawingo Talkback!

" I have to tell you, my daughter was reluctant to go to Camp this year, but wow she's a changed girl. You guys are amazing! She was sad to leave, she came home and wants to eat healthy and she wants to return next year. I haven't seen her this happy in a long time. Thanks Tawingo. "