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Tawingo Alumni

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Tawingo Alumni Circle

The Tawingo Alumni Circle is an organized extension of the Camp Tawingo Staff. It invites all present and former Camp Tawingo Staff to join in this association with aims of maintaining the fellowship of Tawingo.

We are very proud to present the Tawingo Alumni Circle as a formal and important part of the Camp Tawingo Family. A dedicated group of Tawingo Alumni members are serving on a TAC Steering Committee to help build and maintain a great, active Alumni Circle.


Tawingo Alumni Steering Committee                                         staff2

Laura (Simon) Ross

Barrie Laughton 

Kris Birchard

Carly Cooper-Edwards

George Crawford

Tom Knowlton

Bill Milks

Emily (Singh) Zymerman 

Mike Pearse

John Jorgenson

Interim Chair

Campership Fund

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member

Current Camp Staff

Current Camp Staff


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Bring your family for a weekend at Camp!

Staff Alumni are invited to attend one of our Fall or Winter Family Weekends at special rates.


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Looking back at what it was that brought us together, we can look ahead to the things that keep us together.

Please help us keep an accurate and current record of your place and circumstance: Address, phone numbers, faxes, e-mails, years at Camp (camper, TLC, WJ, VA, staff), profession, children names/birth dates, and any other interesting tidbits. Please click here to print and complete an update form.






Tawingo Alumni Circle Campership Fund.

The Campership Fund has been set up by our Alumni Committee to accept donations and allow campers to attend Camp.


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On September 15th, 2013, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 700 people gathered in the Pop Pearse Lodge to celebrate the life and legacy of Jack Pearse…and celebrate him we did – in words and song, two things over which Jack was complete master.  Both – the words and the songs, and the people who spoke and led them - alternately moved us to (and between) tears and laughter.  Those who knew Jack from Camp, learned about his life at the University of Waterloo…and those who knew him as a Golf Coach and University Instructor, learned about his life as a song leader, as a pioneer in the camping industry, and as Director and surrogate father right here at Tawingo…and we all learned about his work in the fellowship of the Y Retirees of Canada, and of his life as husband, father, and grandfather.  Stories were shared…each one unique to his or her own experience with Dad…and, yet, each with a common theme – that of giving to others, first and foremost, of making others the focus of his time and energy and care, of putting people first to make people last.  In other words, it was a wonderful afternoon…a tribute perfectly befitting of our Great Chief…who, we know, would have enjoyed every word, every note, every moment…and everybody… “one more time”…


To read more about Jack Pearse please click here.

To view photos of the Memorial Service please click here.