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Our Outdoor Centre Staff
Tawingo Outdoor CentreThe Camp Tawingo Outdoor Centre is directed by John Jorgenson. John Jorgenson (Jorgi) has an Honours B.Sc. Degree in Biology from University of Waterloo. He has been a member of the full-time staff for over 35 years. He directs and coordinates the Tawingo Outdoor Centre throughout the year and is the Director of Program for the summer camp. He has served as President of the Ontario Camping Association and the Canadian Camping Association. Currently he is General Secretary of the International Camping Fellowship and a Board Member of the Society of Camp Directors.

Jorgi has conducted workshops on Camping and Outdoor Education across Canada, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Greece, Mexico, Bulgaria, China and Russia. He has contributed to and co-authored various Camp Tawingo Publications.

Seasonal Staff are recruited from the camping and outdoor education community by John Jorgenson. Many of them are veteran campers and staff of Camp Tawingo and have a proven affinity for work with children. All Outdoor Centre staff are trained thoroughly in the skills they will need to lead groups. Staff are provided solid training in safety and supervision ahead of time. Staff are chosen for their knowledge, skill sets, leadership ability, willingness to learn, passion and enthusiasm. Most importantly, they are committed to providing a camper-centred experience for every group visit.

You can expect our staff to:

toc1Provide your Food Service

Mealtimes are set for 8:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 5:30 pm each day. Your final lunch can be set for 12:00 p.m. to allow for early departure but that change must be pre-arranged. Snacks are provided most evenings. Our Food Service Director is available to discuss food related concerns at any time. We provide 24-hour attention to your cabins and other facilities. During regular hours, simply report your concern to any staff member.

Prepare all of your Equipment Needs

Unless indicated otherwise, Camp provides all program supplies and equipment for both recreational and educational sessions. In most cases extra equipment is available for asking.

Brief you on all of your Activity Leadership Responsibilities

We want you to be completely prepared for the activities that you will lead. We have allowed a window of time for this preparation at the front end of each group’s schedule. One or more of our staff are at your disposal.

Lead Daytime Activities of your Choice
Our available staff handle those activities that you choose not to lead. We appreciate and welcome your presence on any of these activities that you can and care to accompany.

Supervise Day/Overnight Outings & Waterfront Activity

We plan to accompany any excursions or activities that are away from the main Tawingo site. Leadership for these excursions is shared. We supply a direct waterfront supervisor for swimming and overall supervision of any and all waterfront activity.

Provide Leadership on Large & Whole Group Activities

We co-ordinate the large group activities as you require or desire. We also dovetail and co-ordinate programs between groups to eliminate any inconvenience or loss of program time. We appreciate your general supervision and support during these times.

Conduct Announcements and Co-ordinate any Schedule Changes

This, too, is an optional item that you may prefer to assume. Our staff check with your group staff at each meal for updates, revisions or special announcements.

Provide Basic First Aid, Emergency Response, and Transportation to the Hospital if necessary
Our staff are prepared to handle normal first aid concerns and to implement a full emergency response system as required. Medical information with the group and a group decision maker must be made available.

Provide Administration Support through our Office
Our office is available as a support facility, providing copy machines, computers, phones, faxes, etc.

Help you in any other way we can
Our object is to make your stay a positive and a memorable one. We are prepared to assist that process in whatever way possible. Please let us know what we can do.